“If you’re questioning whether working with her is going to be worth it, I’m here to tell you it is”
— Andrew Baduria

Listen to the testimonials…


“Laura saved me so much time by handling all the daily financial work for my business. This  allowed me to concentrate on running my actual business and its daily operations. Her years of accounting experience were very evident as she knew exactly what I needed to do for my business and showed me how to organize it and helped me create a proper system for it all.

Once Laura put my financial in order and gave me monthly financial reports, I was able to see my growth over the past three years. I was also able to see months where I spent more than I earned, and because of these reports,  I have now began to set a proper budget for all areas of my company. She was able to give me that “big picture” by accurately capturing and making sense of my numbers.

I could have spent the time to learn how to do this all on my own my own, but this is not a part of the business I am passionate about. As an entrepreneur, it’s important to spend your time doing what you’re great at and outsourcing what you’re not so great at.. Your numbers and time are CRUCIAL to future success and working with Laura has given me control and understanding of both”

Cassie Day,

Founder & CEO, All Day Fit

“Beyond The Books Accounting Consulting was everything I was looking for. As a new entrepreneur, I wanted to set myself up for success. In the beginning stages of entrepreneurship, I knew that success started with my finances i.e. how my money was moving, where was it coming from, and where could I be more effective with my transactions. Laura answered all my questions about setting up my business from the back end and even gave me some advice on the front end as well. She was professional, patient and totally understanding. I plan on working with her for the long run because of how easy and knowledgeable she made this entire process. If you're questioning whether working with her is going to be worth it, I'm here to tell you it is. You'll feel much better once you do it and realize how you can make your business more effective and profitable.” 

Andrew Baduria,

Founder & CEO, Shakka & Steeze Wellness