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Who is Laura Davidson?

Laura is a startup & accounting coach with a passion for healthy living. She focuses her business on the cross section between her background in business and passion for fitness. It is her goal to share with you all the tips, tricks and simplicities that she has used and succeeded with over the years so you can independently succeed in your craft.

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SweatCity Collective

SweatCity Collective is a Canadian health and wellness brand with attitude. We aim to redefine the line between comfort and casual and bring a new flare to street style fashion.

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Accounting Consulting

I will  walk you through the in’s and out’s of bookkeeping and teach you how to efficiently manage, track, and report your financials so you can grow your business with confidence and focus your energy where it really matters.

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Content Creation & Strategy

Quality content creation incorporates so much more than simply posting a pretty picture. It combines elements of branding & strategy with advertising & storytelling. Allow me to show you the ropes and create custom, curated content for you brand.

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Beyond The Books

Beyond the Books is designed to give startups and entrepreneurs a practical understanding of their books and help them look at the bigger picture when it comes to operating their business. I have designed the perfect mix of services available to give startups and entrepreneurs a practical understanding of their financial accounts, website & offerings, and social media presence. It is my goal to teach you all that you need to know in order to be independent & successful in your craft.


“In success, opinions don’t matter and numbers never lie”

— Laura Davidson


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Where it all began… Visit My Personal Blog, My Sweat Story

My blog is here to motivate and inspire you to take the steps you need to make a positive change for yourself. My posts are real, honest and come from most of my everyday experiences balancing life, entrepreneurship, and of course my workouts. I keep things simple and uncomplicated making them easy for anyone to learn from and try.